Our Approach

Partners with Management

While our portfolio companies benefit from the financial strength of W. R. Berkley Corporation, companies in which we invest operate independently of our parent company. Following an investment, we will work with management at the Board level as partners to define strategic direction and ensure the Company has the required resources to realize opportunities. As our portfolio companies evaluate new markets, launch new products or seek executive talent, Berkley Capital leverages its relationships and resources to support the management team in the execution of its strategy. We believe this structure provides our portfolio companies with the access to capital of a large financial institution, and the independence necessary for the businesses to achieve their long-term objectives.

Patient, Flexible Investment Approach

As a result of our permanent source of capital, we are able to support our portfolio companies in ways traditional private equity funds often cannot. In terms of investment horizon, we seek to realize value for all stakeholders at a time that is appropriate for the investment, rather than at a time driven by fund constraints. We also have the ability to provide additional capital resources (either debt or equity) in an expedited manner. This flexibility can be especially valuable as businesses seek to capitalize upon time sensitive opportunities.

Growth Orientation

While we have invested across a range of industries, all of our investments share one characteristic: a distinct orientation towards growth. From early stage growth equity investments to partnerships with more mature businesses, we have worked closely with management teams to identify and execute on expansion opportunities within existing markets, add-on acquisitions, new product introductions and strategic partnerships. We believe that “financial engineering” is insufficient to achieve outstanding risk adjusted returns and focus on identifying industries, companies and management teams actively demonstrating the characteristics needed to achieve sustained growth.